Our vision at The Arc of Anchorage is for a community that recognizes and embraces people of all abilities. This summer our vision came alive through #StickFigureAK. Alaskans from all over the state joined in the fun, celebrating their ability to create.


The Arc of Anchorage Announces Release of #StickFigureAK Book, Alaskans Featured


Statewide #StickFigureAK Contest Winners Announced Press Release


#StickFigureAK Press Release



05.28.15 Vision Launched

09.01.15 Submission Deadline

09.15.15 #StickFigureAK Showcase,Winners Announced

10.02.15 #StickFigureAK First Friday, Sparc and some guest artists.

12.04.15 Print Collective (coffee table book) released

#StickFigureAK Media Coverage


12.15.15 KTVA CBS Channel 11 News #StickFigureAK coffee table book: Art & inclusivity go hand-in-hand


10.02.15 KTBY Fox Channel 4 Your Alaska Link "First Friday Events with One Unifying Message"


09.16.15 KTVA CBS Channel 11 Evening News Coverage


08.21.15 KTOO/KRNN "Juneau Afternoon" Interview @ 22:00


07.02.15 Anchorage Press "Our Little Art House" Article


06.30.15 KBYR 700 AM The Michael Dukes Show Interview


06.25.15 APRN KSKA-Anchorage "Sparc! Gives Artists A Way to Communicate When They May Otherwise Be Silent" Article and Interview


06.10.15 KTOO/KRNN "Juneau Afternoon" Interview @ 33:43


06.04.15 Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman "Arc of Anchorage launches statewide art project" Arts Briefs Blog Post


06.01.15 Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman Facebook Post


05.30.15 inarf Indianapolis "Alaska Art Initiative, #StickFigureAK" Article


05.28.15 APRN "#StickFigureAK uses Art to Spark Community" Article and Interview


05.28.15 APRN Alaska News Nightly Interview @ 18:16


05.28.15 KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage "Our Community" Article and Interview


05.27.15 Alaska Business Monthly "Challenge: Alaskans of All Abilities Create Through Statewide Social Media Campaign"


05.27.15 KTKN  930 AM Ketchikan Radio Interview


05.26.15 KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage "Our Community" Interview


05.22.15 KSKO 870 AM McGrath Radio Interview




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Let's celebrate our ability to create.


KTVA 12.15.15

Celebrate What we Did | #StickFigureAK

Launching a Vision | #StickFigureAK

Take Action | #StickFigureAK

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